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2014 Pibble March on Washington D.C.

by Bully Molosser Mart on May 5, 2014

pit bull march in d.c.This past weekend I had an AMAZING opportunity to attend the One Million Pibble March in Washington D.C. thanks to our wonderful customers, supporters, and a super awesome low fare via spirit airlines to represent Bully Mart and march for the cause we so strongly believe in. Ending breed racism.

I am so very grateful that I was able to spend the weekend with some AMAZING people. Kris Diaz from Stop BSL & Pit Bulletin Legal News Network, Ronnie & Rich from Pit Bull Awareness of the USA, Amanda Rodriguez from Pit Bull Soldiers, and AWESOME rescue supporters and activists Bernadette & Naomi. We were among the many that turn out for this event to stand up and say WE ARE THE MAJORITY & WE WILL NOT SIT BY AND LET THIS INJUSTICE CONTINUE!

The trip started for me with a flight from DFW into Philly to Kris’ home where she so graciously offered me a place to crash. We drove into Delaware the following morning to meet up with Amanda, Naomi and Bernadette where we then drove to the DC area to catch the metro for the rest of the journey to the March which is where we met up with Ronnie & Rich. We ended this memorable event with a great meal at Chop’t in D.C. which is a MUST GO TO if you are ever in the area. They not only had delicious food but their customer service was like none I rarely ever witness. Catering to the vegetarian requests, and allergies in our group w/out a single eye roll, but instead with a friendly, kind, and courteous smile.

It was a day full of traveling, walking, marching, supporting, representing, comradery, and memorable moments. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining ( perhaps a touch too bright for me :p ), and the bully lovers of this country (and canada) gathered.

Not very often do I get to travel considering all of the circumstances we have going on over here. I was quite sad that my Husband Michael was not able to accompany me because our family is so large, and someone had to stay with the kiddos (2 and 4 legged). However, I am grateful that he encouraged me to do this and not let all the factors get in the way of taking part in this monumental event. As often as I contemplated the possible scenarios that could have proven to be uncomfortable, awkward, and hyper sensory, I am so very GRATEFUL that I stuck to working outside of my comfort zone and participated.  Dear Aspergers,  you DID NOT win this time! :) (self high five)

We marched for the millions of voiceless bully and molosser breeds that get banned just for being. We marched for all the families that have faced discrimination for housing because of their pets. We marched for the millions of targeted pups that get put to sleep each year simply because of what they look like. We marched for your dogs, for our dogs, for all the dogs.

I am VERY grateful that this weekend was so awesome, and that I got to share it with some of the most amazing people I have ever had the chance to call my friends. We are already looking forward to next year’s march… & a baby/pet sitter for that one :).

You can see many more photos in our facebook album. If you happen to stumble across pics we snapped of you, please comment and let us know it’s you and what organization you were representing and we would love to tag you in them.

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liz May 5, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Thanks for sharing your personal story of the event. There are so many and each one special and unique. So impressed with the many that truly made sacrifices to be present and support the awareness factor that the March inspired and produced. So many people we met are in my thoughts this week. The hostels and hotels were full and everywhere you went, people were smiling at you. They knew by our T shirts and attire we wore, who we were and what we stood for. I did not meet everyone that I wanted to, but meeting the few I did was such a joy. Coming from Ontario Canada and living the nightmare BSL and fighting to have this repealed for so many years can leave one so worn and discouraged. So being there within such a strong community, was so uplifting, and inspiring and encouraging. We at Hershey’s Anti BSL Group so needed to be there and have returned to what is now known as OnSCARio refreshed and revitalized and ready to continue on for common sense and just laws to be reinstated in Ontario. We so needed this event and this experience.


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