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Have you been #KissedByA, Ice Bucket, for $500? What?!

by Bully Molosser Mart on August 23, 2014

What kind of title is that,.. you might be asking yourself. Most of our fans have probably heard of this #KissedByAPit challenge because well… lets be honest you guys are that friggin’ rockin’ awesome! We have the best DIE HARD CORE advocate fans and lovers of anywhere in all the cyber space! It promotes positive breed promotion and encourages each participant to donate $5 to their favorite rescue.

So, have you been #KissedByAPit? An awesomely brilliant challenge the folks over at Dog Park Publishing have launched has inspired us to add our own unique twist.

First I did 2 (this is where the ICE comes in) challenges in 1 video, see video below:

Then we each called out our following friends: :)

Now about the twist… inspired by the idea over at DPP I thought to myself hmm… surely we can do better than $5 but how? HOW can I embellish on this in true Bully Mart Fam fashion?  Took all dang night but this morning it came to me!  We deal with breeds all across the board that face BSL and that are being discriminated on. $500!!! Yup you read that el-correcto! (hush grammar nazis I type the way I talk)

So we propose a couple other options in addition to Dog Park Publishing’s #KissedByAPit we wanted to throw in #KissedByABully (becaseu uh, duh were “BULLY” Mart) and for all the honorary Bully Lovers, #KissedByAPup and to make is super interesting. Our personal #KissedByA challenge PLUS inspired from DPP we are not going to just donate $5 we are offering a $500 Gift Certificate to a rescue selected from the ones you nominate!

Here is what you do to get your rescue in the running for $500:

  • 1 – Take the #KissedBy challenge with your Pit Bull, Bully, or Bully Lover on Facebook, Twitter, &/or Instagram. (you can repost one you have already done for the original Dog Park Publishing #kissedbyapit challenge)
  • 2 – Make sure in your post you include the following: @BullyMart taking the #KissedByAPit / or / #KissedByABully / or / #KissedByAPup (which ever you wish to represent) nominate @YOUR-FAVORITE-RESCUE-HERE for the $500 #BullyMart Gift Certificate.

It REALLY is that simple! We will be in hyper drive to do our best to get each nomination written old skool style and dropped into a jar or bucket of sorts. At which point there will be a random drawing.

So for example because Juno is a Cane Corso and a Cane Corso is a Molosser in addition to being covered under the Bully Breeds my post would look like this on twitter:

@BullyMart I’m taking the #KissedByABully #KissedByAPit challenge. I nominate @NTxPitbulls for the $500 #BullyMart Gift Certificate.

It will vary depending on character allowance but you MUST tag us using the @ sign (otherwise we will not be able to find your nomination) use the respective HASHTAG or anything similar to being KISSEDBY your dog no matter the breed, TAG your rescue, and #BullyMart. You MUST make sure your rescue is officially tagged or linked otherwise we will have NO clue who you are specifying.

Please note this is a fun challenge that will allow us to do our part to give a very deserving rescue a KICK ASS gift to use for their rescue efforts however they wish. This is all in good fun & positive breed promotion. If you are a sourpuss or like to nag, bitch & moan, or cause trouble DO NOT PARTICIPATE!!!

We will be manually tracking entries so keep that in mind with how quickly we will be able to get to something, and we will have the Bully Kids do the official drawing sometime between Sept 1st – Sept 3rd.

The more folks that vote for the same rescue the BETTER your chances of us catching it and getting your rescue in there. I will say we might not be able to account for every single solitary entry based on how the social networks display their information alone. We are not in control of privacy settings or anything else that would prevent us from seeing every single post. This is why it is imperative that you get as many folks as possible ensure your favorite rescue gets in the running! :)

VALID 8/21/14-9/1/14: We are also offer a $10 bracelet to represent you’ve been KISSEDBYAPIT or BULLY or PUP that triggers a $5 donation to the rescue you select when selecting your bracelet options. You can also raise an additional 25% of any other items you purchase with your bracelet order will also be donated to that same rescue!!!

So get your challenge on and get your favorite rescue tagged in a post you tag us in.

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